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.XYZ domain names were designed for innovators — companies, brands and individuals looking to transform their ideas into reality. And there’s no better way to stand out online than with a dot XYZ domain name. .xyz The .xyz TLD trumps .com in its search engine ranking ability. XYZ is the new global TLD with both Google and SEO in mind. .
Google and SEO companies are encouraging their clients to purchase .xyz domains Get your .xyz Domain today. .xyz is both Google and SEO friendly. "More and more companies are using .xyz,, Alphabet, etc."...


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The .xyz TLD trumps .com in its search engine ranking ability.


Get your .xyz domain today. It is both Google and SEO friendly. Companies such as Google,, Apple, Costco, Facebook, etc. are using .xyz domains: It’s an all-new domain that requires no sleight of hand to get anyone to remember it. Like .com, .net, or .org, you know .xyz even if you don’t know what it means.

When you want an easy-to-remember domain name, there is only one that’s both Google and SEO friendly. Use it as your landing page to capture leads and build trust with potential subscribers.


Your business needs a versatile online identity that can grow with you. A .xyz domain is just one part of a successful, long-term online identity.


Get Your Dot xyz Domain Today – Free The most recognizable and easily remembered domain on the Internet. Easily findable, pronounceable, memorable and unique.  Protect your brand name from cybersquatting with a dot xyz today!



 Google and SEO companies are encouraging their clients to purchase .xyz domains.

.xyz Domain Names For Businesses And Entrepreneurs .xyz domain names are the perfect way to stand out in a crowded online space and communicate your brand identity to the world. Whether you're launching a startup or have been in business for years, you should have a .xyz domain. This is because .xyz domains are: Google and SEO friendly - Registering a .xyz domain is one of the easiest ways of ensuring your website will show up in search engine results. 








Did you know it’s possible to claim your .xyz domain name on ENS!

Xyz has been allowing  this feature for a while,

and  .xyz names are now supported by ENS on mainnet! 





This means that you can  if you own a .xyz domain name

(purchased through any DNS registrar),

 be able to claim the same name in ENS,

and use it just like you would any .eth name 

— associate it with your wallet,

use it to name smart contracts,

create subdomains, and so forth.

So cool right.

An information page with more details and knowledge

about how this is done and how to use it is available See How here.

EasyDNS has developed an quick,

simple process for enabling this on .xyz domains

registered with them;

for more details check out  instructions.



There's nothing more valuable than your brand.

Choose your domain name wisely.

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Choosing a great domain name is more important than you may think.

It's not just about making money, although that is the ultimate goal of every website. 

A good domain name will allow your visitors to find you with ease. 

This way, you can capture those visitors and turn them into customers. 

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